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Inspiration and Future plans

Not much people really like to start their week with paying bills and arranging their business financial. I don’t! If you don’t like it too, then don’t!

As I have read in Meroe blog, Monday is a great day for Research and Inspiration. Maybe Sunday is still on your mind and you need to get in the workweek easily and gradually.

Grab your coffee and browse through Instagram and Pinterest and blogs or Magazines that you like and that inspire you. Write down ideas, repin or save images if that helps you (I love taking notes and writing ideas anytime I browse the web for inspiration!). When you love so much what you do it can easily feel like “not work” and you may be feel guilty for wasting your time. Well, don’t because this IS part of your job as a creative and you need to do it! Take your time with it, but be careful not to spend all day researching. 1-2 hours should be enough. You set a time and even set an alarm to remind you that inspiration time is over (well, it is never really over, but you get my point!) and you need to cross other things too, from your to do list.

Monday is also a great day to make future plans. Write down ideas that your research might bring you and make plans accordingly. Of course these are just raw ideas, you don’t have to make a blueprint or truly commit to anything. Just let that inspiration give birth to something.

time: 2 hours

Double checking

When you get deeply on workweek’s mood, it is a good time to check everything and everyone’s tasks for the week. If you are leading a team, check that their articles/projects/tasks are ready and recap their to do lists for the week. If you are working alone, check your own tasks and to do list and show yourself who is the boss! 😛

time: 1,5 hour (though depending on the amount of your work)


Accounting and Payments

No, I am not copying the article of Meroe! I really use this order and wanted to share it with you! I find accounting really intimidating, so I have a professional do it for me. But I need to keep track of my invoices too. So, I do that on Tuesdays, I collect and invoices and sent them to my accountant and I also make any payments that are not made automatically.

There are also great online apps to track your income and expenses. I tent to like more those that are available for desktop/browser and mobile and they are able to sync, since location independency is one of my main goals.

time: 1,5 hour (though depending on the amount of your work)


Since we started the day with numbers, maybe it would be good to keep the theme going (I prefer that, to get it over with -you can tell I don’t really love numbers!). Track your statistics. Your traffic, social, sales, income. Anything you can measure has an analytics tool. Use it and get clarity on where you are, so you can plan your next steps that will take you where you want to go.

Do not judge yourself or be disappointed if the numbers are not what you have hoped for. It is essential to know the statistics and not be sentimental about it (this is number’s day! No room for emotions! 😛 )

time: 1 hour


Getting Social

Wednesday is a very good day to give your social media some attention, mostly because it is right in the middle of the week. Whatever platforms you have chosen to be in, there are ways to schedule your posts and I highly recommend it!, Buffer, Hootsuite are some very popular platforms to schedule Facebook, Twitter and more, while Schedugram is for Instagram and Postso is for Pinterest (if this topic interests you, we can definitely dedicate an article to it!). Apart from Scheduling some posts (which take a little more time than you think!), social media need more attention… Answer the comments and messages you got, as this is a very important step to connect with your audience.

And we’re still not done getting social! You will also need to comment, like, rein, retweet other’s posts (and blog posts) in order to network and be remembered. If you do, they most likely return the attention. BUT you need to genuinely comment! A “Great article” comment is a no-no.

If being so active in every platform feels too much work for you at the moment, choose 2-3 platforms that matter most to you and work your connections through them. 

There are so much more tips and trick on social media marketing, but these two are the main you need to always do: post consistently and be active and noticeable.

Since this is our Social Day, find some time to respond to non-client e-mails. These maybe “thank you” mails, networking opportunities, or even complaints. Deal with those too, but don’t take up too much time from the rest of your workday!

time: 2 hours (though depending on the amount of comments/messages)



Hopefully writing is something you love to do, because we usually have to do quite a lot of it. Writing blog posts, newsletters, case studies, website copy, portfolio copy. Well you don’t need to write all these every week, but most of us have to write blog posts and newsletters each week.

The best thing, of course, is to write whenever inspiration strikes! But sometimes, daily routine and responsibilities might carry you away, so it is best to have some writing time in your planner.

I like planning to write earlier in my day, having a clear mind, before any other tasks fill it. It will greatly help you to have a few subjects to write about and when the day comes, you just get it done.

One more thing that I find very important is being ahead! Write on Thursday the blog post for next Friday. Be at least one week ahead (or even a month!). This will give you a peace of mind, save you from guilt and ensure you will be consistent in your publishing schedule.

time: 2,5 hours (though depending on the amount of your work)

Edit and Schedule

Take those pieces you’ve just written, edit them, check for grammar mistakes and add some photos. Then schedule them on your blog or newsletter provider for the date and time you want them to go live.

time: 1 hour

Marketing and Brainstorming

After finish writing, it might be a good time to brainstorm new ideas for blogposts, newsletters, giveaways and collaborations. Keep notes of your ideas to have handy for next Thursday (or anytime you need them!)

time: 1 hour


Get organised

Declutter your desk and your desktop. Keep every file and document (physical or electronic) in it’s place and even clear up your notes. Cross of the tasks that are done or -for any reason- won’t be done and keep those notes and files you need for your next week’s planning.

time: 1,5 hour (though depending on how much clutter you have)

Next week’s planning

Get ready for next week. Set your goals and write the steps you need to do every day to achieve them. Update your planner/calendar with your weekly (or even daily) to dos to be sure you won’t forget anything important. 

time: 1 hour

Weekend would ideally be kept free so you can spend time with loved ones, get some rest and recharge, so that you’ll have the energy to do everything all over again from next Monday!

That said, I’m still struggling to have my weekends free or even have some tech detox on a weekly basis, but I’m working on it!

Until next time, take care!


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