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I'm Makeup Artist & YouTuber, and since I'm Pretty Creative, I also blog, paint, write, make artworks. Click to watch the video


Hi, I am Evi Michailidou. I’ve been working as a Makeup Artist for ten years, until I’ve found the courage to put “makeup” in brackets and be an Artist. Everything I do, I consider it to be Art. I dream, I learn, I create. And I love it!

I like thinking differently, finding the courage to change everything. The spark and excitement each new idea brings, the passion of creating a new project.

What I love most about what I do, is the freedom it gives me (geographically, financially, creatively). I can create, I can work, I can be anywhere, anytime, anything. And you can too. No limits, no attachments, no restrictions. What we do can change anytime, because we change all the time. Whatever we create is part of our own, our personal, our professional, our creative evolution

The more new things I think of and I create, the more people ask me for advice, ask me how I do it and how they could do similar things too (these are two different questions, by the way), so, even though calling myself a “Mentor” sounds kind of weird, I chose to give a hand to anyone who want to create a new business or re-launch a business or project. I chose to do this in two ways: through 1:1 sessions and through online courses (coming soon in September!).

What I do can change anytime, because I change all the time. What I create is part of my own, my personal, my professional, my creative evolution.

Thank you for joining me!

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People stop by the site all the time and I appreciate it. But what I appreciate more, is you, who want something more than random surfing online, that’s why I want to share with you exclusive content I know you’ll love, such as “Weekly Favourites”  and much more coming in September! By becoming an Insider, you’ll be the first to know all the exciting news, you’ll get exclusive Creative Tips and offers for you only!

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Everything I do I consider it to be Art. It can be fun, minimal, symbolic, emotional, different. Unique. Art can be a picture, a video, a course, an actual artwork. I’m creating something unique everyday. Today’s unique project, could be yours.

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Evi Michailidou | A Pretty CreativeI’ve been a successful makeup artist for 10 years and my love for sharing techniques and teaching everything I know, took me further than just teaching makeup. Inspiration and motivation is great to start a new business, but if you need guidance and personalised methods, click below to learn more about my coaching services.

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I'm lucky enough to have a loving audience through social media, my site and my personal list, who follow me in my creative paths. If your product or service matches my style and interests my audience, I'll be more than happy to work with you.

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There are many ways you could work with me together, but naturally, I’m always open to new ideas and ways to collaborate with companies and individuals. Feel free to contact me to discuss any ideas you have!

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