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I’m always looking for ways to explore. The world, my environment, myself. I  do a lot of research and experiments, and I occasionally share them through blogs and maybe books.

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I’ve always felt like a tutor, and I’ve taught some classes so far. I enjoy sharing what I know and I truly enjoy constantly learning. I chose to create some online courses, starting with makeup, which I really know about, and who knows what’s next… (actually, I do, but it’s too soon to reveal…)

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Hello I'm Friday - Evi Michailidou

Hello, I’m Friday! No, I really am… The name I was given is Paraskevi, which in Greek means Friday. So this project of mine is the best way to get to know me… Through my first book! How exciting is that!?

A Way Rosé - Evi Michailidou

At A Way Rosé, we’re helping bloggers and small brands give the best first impression. Styled Photography and Design are crucial. Equally important is staying updated, that’s why we have the blog too!

hashtaged lifestyle - Evi Michailidou

Seeing all these sister bloggers, one day I thought, “Hey, I also have a sister… And she happens to be gorgeous! Danai, do you want to do a blog together?” She said yes… And that’s Hahstaged Lifestyle.

luxury makeup services

Makeup Project is actually my first Project ever. It had got a lot of forms in the past, but now, Makeup Project is the Luxury Makeup Services I provide, and also my YouTube Channel about Makeup.