Hi, This is A Pretty Creative by (me!) Evi Michailidou. Everything I do, I consider it to be Art. Click to watch this video and see what this site is all about.

Hi, I am Evi Michailidou. I’ve been working as a Makeup Artist for ten years, until I’ve found the courage to put “makeup” in brackets and be an Artist. Everything I do, I consider it to be Art. I dream, I learn, I create. And I love it!

A Pretty Creative - Evi Michailidou

I like thinking differently, finding the courage to change everything. The spark and excitement each new idea brings, the passion of creating a new project.

What I do can change anytime, because I change all the time. I’m an artist and what I create is part of my own, my personal, my professional, my creative evolution.

A Pretty Creative - Evi Michailidou

I’ve been creating content for my blogs since 2009 (and I still do, check it out here!) and even though I love it and I really appreciate people stopping by my site and social media, I wanted to offer more to “my people” (still for free!). My people is more than just readers, they’re much more than followers and they’re not a cold audience.

My people love change, they care about spirituality, while appreciating a good modern design. They’re ready to drop old beliefs and recreate their space, themselves, their minds. They are in constant seek of inspiration and they always try to open up their minds, to find it anywhere, to evolve to be independent. That’s who I’m talking to. Are you one of them? Join me (it’s free!)

A Pretty Creative - Evi Michailidou